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Is this not amazing? Sure it’s not rainbows, butterflies, and unicorns like my last post promised, but it’s so much more! Not to mention, with a scan and a few flicks of the wrist it can create a rainbow. Add a little artistic ability and you have a butterfly. Add art school or maybe a little hallucinogenic help and you have some unicorns, but eh *shrugs* who’s judging?

A friend reminded me of the clickable four color pen. You remember those? The red, blue, black, and who the hell cared what the fourth color was because by the time you got through the first three colors two were vying for position in the canal making the pen useless!

Some people harp on technology will be the death and demise of our society, but then I look at something so simple and joyful as a colorful pen that I know will bring endless joy to children (who am I kidding? adults!) everywhere. Then I think, Pft! As if! This pen will be mine!