So… Here’s the deal.

I was told I should blog. I’m a writer through and through. I bleed black and white; ink pours out of my veins. I need literature like most people need food and water. I must read to live. I must write to survive. I must create to continue my existence. Or at least so it seems. My main focus is my novels and most of the time that is enough. On occasion I must break free from the grind and step away from the keyboard, pull my nose away from the crisp pages of a new book, and let my eyes readjust to natural sunlight away from a kindle – however much I may fight it.

My negotiation? A blog. I know; it doesn’t make sense. But, for all you naysayers I can blog from my phone in the park, or on a roller coaster (hopefully I won’t drop my Droid). It keeps the creative process going for me, helps with the intermittent yet omnipresent writer’s block, and ensures that my family knows I do still love them and I’m not just saying it.

When I first decided to write a blog, I put forth the question of “OMG! WTF am I doing?” on Facebook to my family and friends. Lucky for me they answered. And it’s a good thing too! I didn’t have a clue what to write about when I first started out and to be perfectly honest I still don’t so you, dear reader, are going along for the ride with me. I wish us both the best of luck.