Have you ever just had one of those bleh days? You know the ones where it takes everything you have just to drag one leg out of bed? That’s today for me.

Had a great weekend! My son arrived. He flew in from Texas on Saturday morning. We’ve had a blast between playing soccer and tossing a football down at the beach. No, there’s not an ocean in Ohio – Oh how I Wish! But there is a nice and gorgeous lake with a clean, sandy beach. It’s a little less clean now…. I ended up making a dive for the soccer ball and left some skin behind. Ouch!

Next on my son’s list of parental tortures was playtime in the park which equated to stubbing mom’s toe at the basketball court and then proceeding to playing other kids at “Knockout.” I don’t really understand the complete concept of the game, but you keep throwing the ball at the basket until you shoot before the person before you thereby knocking them out. But, there’s an entire system where you have to wait for them to at least try once and you must shoot from a certain distance at least once. (Throws hands exasperatedly in air) It’s all Greek to me! Nevertheless, my big toe is still paying the price for that little adventure. :/

We ended Father’s Day with a nice trip to the near by drive in movies – yes they do still exist! In some far corners of the world…. We just happen to be lucky to live a few miles from one. The website proclaimed Maleficent to be playing and I was all geared up to watch how the most evil being from “Sleeping Beauty’s” world ever came to be and then no… let down! They hadn’t updated their website! We watched “How To Train Your Dragon 2.” Now, I’m not notoriously a huge fan of sequels. Let’s face it. They tend to suck. They are never as good as the original. They are never as fresh. You never get that “Ooh” and “Ahh” joy of seeing it all come to live for the first time. Yet this time I was pleasantly surprised. Yes, I didn’t get the “Ooh” and “Aah”, but there were some “Awe” and maybe a start of a tear or two. I said a start! There were no actual tears. Needless to say the time flew and before I knew it, it was 11 pm and I was sitting in the middle of a field and dreading waking up at 5:45 am.

While it was a great weekend, it was over all too soon. I’m sure you are all with me as we countdown to the next weekend. Let Monday be over quickly! Hump day Eve tomorrow!