Yesterday I took a break from writing to enjoy a day visiting our local zoo with the family. For the very first time last year, I chose to buy a zoo membership and it was one of the best investments in entertainment I could have chosen for my family. Not only is it educational, but loads of fun. The Cincinnati Zoo is very interactive with knowledgeable zookeepers, petting zoos, animal encounters, and touchscreens at various exhibits to teach you more or friendly quiz your knowledge. You can even send digital postcards to friends and family. The weather was wonderful. It was just warm enough that the slight breeze didn’t cause goosebumps and chills on the skin while wearing short sleeves and shorts. The nice, fresh spring air and the slightly clouded sky had most of the animals frolicking about – some still dozed lazily. We loved watching the newborn baby gorilla gripping and hanging from the mommy gorilla and watching the adolescent ones playing – the larger of the two refusing to share the stick he was playing with, much like most kids. And of course, we peeked in on the arctic foxes that were playing and pushing each other out of their den. While my one year daughter and husband enjoyed watching the animals at play, I cringed a little at the thought of the small enclosures some of the animals were relegated to reside in. That was until I saw goats and pigs on leashes! Zookeepers were walking social animals from the Children’s Zoo all through the park. It was amazing! Peacocks ruled their “roost” as they wondered the zoo free – though they did tend to corral themselves near the food vendors. The Cincinnati Zoo is truly a wonderful place. The people are great! The animals are fun to watch and if you live in Cincinnati and have yet to go, you simply must! If you don’t live nearby, it’s worth a small vacation just to visit the “Sexy Zoo.”