5 Stars!

Being a parent to a one-year old has me reading books I probably wouldn’t normally read. Children’s books and literature tend to bore me as I’m sure they do the majority of the adults who read them. Like most parents, I have been subjected to TV shows like Bubble Guppies, SpongeBob, Sesame Street, and other children programs. I’ve watched repeats of these shows and more on Amazon and Netflix as I’m sure others have done the same to see the beautiful smiling faces of their little ones glowing up at them. So, while this isn’t a book I would typically read, I found myself reading it nonetheless.

Ashlyn Grows… Cherry Tomatoes by Gene Powell, illustrated by Mike Motz, is a charming and delicious story of a young girl and her grandfather planting cherry tomatoes and watching them grow. While it seems a very simple plot and a rather dull story, it isn’t. During Ashlyn’s adventure with her grandfather she visits a nursery, interacts with an employee, and is very polite. She is curious and inquisitive, helpful and attentive, and over all a wonderful and gracious little girl.

While the story is a little advanced for my daughter, the colorful images of this loving family and the treasured tomato plant definitely caught her eyes. The easy language and vocabulary makes this a great book for a beginner. This will be a book that we can continue to read for the next several years to come. I can only hope that with the proper help and guidance my little girl will be just as friendly, curious, and well mannered as Ashlyn.

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