I don’t typically read many Indie or self-published novels as most are somewhat lacking in English basics such as grammar, punctuation, syntax, spelling, and more. So to say I was pleasantly surprised while reading The Grey Eyed Storm would be a slight understatement. Sure, it had a few errors that were missed during final stages of editing/publishing, but by and large, nothing that couldn’t be overlooked by the reader due to the wonderful character development and descriptions, plot, foreshadowing, twists, and more. It’s a unique story, without peer, and with proper editing could easily become a bestseller on shelves in any major bookstore or big box grocery retailer.

We follow along with Remy, a young adult, as she turns eighteen, learns who she is, what she is, where she is from, and has her life turned upside down by forces outside of her control. My only disappointment so far is not finding a continuation of Remy’s story. The others in the series are from other points of view and I personally would love to hear more from Remy. She’s a wonderful character with a lot of heart who treasures her family and friends. Like most of us, she has a good and bad side that she constantly feels battling inside her. She struggles with herself as to what part of her will prevail.

My only recommendation to this very talented author would be to find an editor. I do realize the challenge for self-publishing authors, but with a story and talent as strong as yours, it is definitely worthwhile.