“Dragon Legends 1: Dragon King” (Paul Green/Kindle/CreateSpace Publishing, 630 pages, $2.99/Kindle, $21.95/Paperback) by Paul Green

Paul Green, like many fantasy novelists before, created a world all his own for Dimitrius. We meet Dimitrius and his sister, Raelene, at a very traumatic time in their young lives. After already being orphaned at a very young age, infancy and two years of age for Dimitrius and Raelene, respectively, we find them orphaned again. This time, their house and all their worldly possessions are being burned around them as their foster parents are screaming to their deaths in the neighboring room. This book is definitely not for the young or the faint-hearted.

Ripped from the only home he’s ever known by an intimidating hulk of a man, the siblings travel several days and are within a day’s travel of their new home when Dimitrius’ heart must suffer once more. After suffering more than a young man should suffer within his young fifteen years of life, Dimitrius is placed in the care of a loving and caring family tucked away in a hidden and secure vale.

Once the family, or rather their young daughter, Keira, is able to break through to Dimitrius the story is finally able to progress and gather speed. The children grow both in age and experience as they are forced to travel to attain knowledge to halt Destiny that persists in stalking Keira. But in order to stop Destiny, Dimitrius with Keira, his constant companion, must overcome insurmountable odds and withstand an inhuman amount of suffering, willingly.

It is set in a fictional world of the author’s own creation complete with a map, cities, and unique races, such as the Lunari, a people of sparkling skin with eyes of the brightest fire. It’s a unique story, but at times I found myself reading ahead impatiently as the author was rather verbose, even when the position of the story called for a more expedient tone. There were spelling and grammar errors, but in a work as large as this one that’s to be expected, especially when self-published.

Disclaimer: I was provided this book, free of charge, in exchange for this review.